Environmental and Sustainability Policy

The impact we have on the environment as a business, is an extremely important principal for us. The products we create are largely based on natural, and sustainable materials, made using a handmade process. However, we are a new business and are
continually working on improving and addressing environmental issues in every aspect.

Basket ware

We are fortunate in that our basket ware does not require significant packaging apart from a cardboard box or strong paper envelope. The boxes and envelopes we use are recyclable. No infill is required.


Our bead jewellery is made with recycled glass and therefore needs to be protected! We use paper or scrap fabric to protect our glass bead jewellery in transit. We use recyclable and compostable packaging for our jewellery. Our jewellery is sent in recyclable packaging from our representative in Ghana.

Fabric products.

Fabric is sent from Ghana using recyclable packaging. We ship our fabric products within the UK using recyclable and compostable packaging.

Shipping from the African Continent.

As we are a new business, we have unfortunately had to use air freight for the orders of basket ware from Ghana. We are exploring using sea freight, which has a significantly smaller carbon footprint.
We constantly assess our transport processes to ensure they make sense.

Handmade products.

There is a natural association between traditional handmade methods of production and sustainability. Our basket ware and beads are hand made.These artisan methods of production are naturally more sustainable.

Transporting our products.

We sell our products at Farmer’s markets and events throughout the year. We have a policy of not travelling outside our own county for these events.

Other methods of reducing our carbon footprint.

We use a courier with an extremely close drop off point, which can be walked!
We have solar panels fitted in our main base. We therefore use renewable energy for our activities including washing fabrics, use of the sewing machine and use of I.T equipment.

Sustainability is a constantly evolving journey for us. We continue to review our policy on a monthly basis. We will keep you informed, so please let us know if you have anything to contribute.

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