Fair Trade

The focus during Fair trade Fortnight this year was climate change.  The strap line this year was ‘Choose the world you want’.

Reading through some interesting articles on the website, I’m shocked about how much climate change is affecting cocoa production in Ghana. This inspiring cocoa farmer talks about his experience.  Read further. He also attended COP26 and gave inspiring speeches.

The certification through the Fairtrade foundation is almost exclusively for food producers. It is much more challenging  to obtain certification for small scale craft producers in African countries. This is due to the high costs and the time involved in the Administrative processes.

As a business, we are looking at how we can reassure our customers that, our partners in Ghana are a Fairtrade Organisation. So far we are happy and satisfied with their efforts towards achieving a Fairtrade status. We are jointly  continuously working to improve all aspects involved.

For example, the owner of the business tells us that, she is developing a ‘social security system’ for her workers and that all the women who weave in the business dictate their own price for the work they do. We will continue to work hand in hand to ensure all parties are happy.



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