Why You Need a Bolga Basket


Bolga baskets

Bolga baskets have become very popular all over the world; thanks to their practicality and usefulness.  Over the years, the local artisan weavers in Ghana have adapted by weaving different varieties of baskets to suit the growing demands of bolga basket lovers. Below are five reasons why I believe everyone needs a bolga basket.

To start with, the bolga basket is an eco-friendly product.

The weavers use napier grass (also known as elephant grass) to make their baskets. All the materials used are organic and decomposable. There is zero damage to the environment. The elephant grass used to make these baskets require few nutrients to grow, making the entire process sustainable.  If you are looking for an alternative to plastic home storage products to organise your home, the bolga basket is just for you. They come in different shapes and sizes, so, can meet a variety of different needs.

You can choose a laundry basket with or without a lid. The pot and round baskets are perfect for storing items such as toys for kids, clean towels and bedding. They are perfect for storing anything in the house. Not forgetting they make beautiful planters too.

Bolga basket/Large African market baskets

Handwoven laundry baskets/bolga baskets






The bolga basket is flexible yet robust and hardwearing

If you own or have seen a bolga basket before, you would attest to their hardwearing nature and ability to resist knocks and abuse. I know no one would knock or bash their bolga basket intentionally, but accidents do happen, so knowing that your basket will survive this is a good reason to get one. The nature of plastic alternatives mean their durability is no match for bolga baskets.  A well looked after basket has been known to last up to 30 years! This is a long time to use and make beautiful memories with your handwoven basket. Watch how to reshape your basket

Their practicality is another reason to get a bolga basket.

Bolga baskets are made for everyday use. They are made such that they are functional as well as practical.

Many styles of bolga basket come with ergonomic handles. The handles can either be covered with leather or left in their natural state (woven elephant grass). This makes them very convenient for carrying around. The bottom of the baskets are designed such that, they sit comfortably if placed on a flat surface. They do not fall over, even if you put heavy items like bottles in them. You could use several styles of basket bags for your grocery shopping, you could take it to the beach or even use as your normal hand bag for everyday use. The basket bag is definitely a companion for life.

Handwoven shopping baskets

Woven shopping bag

Woven hand bag


Moreover, bolga baskets are pet and child-friendly.

If you have children and pets in your house, don’t worry. In fact, if you have a dog or a cat, you could buy the dog or cat basket respectively, for your pet. Pets love their bolga baskets too. The tray / baby changer basket also makes a comfortable baby changer for babies.


Bolga basket

Dog basket bed


Last but not least, the vibrant colours of the bolga baskets add character to any space.

From earthy nudes, to vibrant, brighter colours, there is something just for you. The planter and mini planter baskets compliment house plants beautifully. Whatever style or size of basket you need, you can get them in colours that suit your décor. Shop your bolga baskets here.


Handwoven bolga basket

Bolga basket large

Woven plant pot















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