Mini Bolga Baskets

Our mini bolga baskets are about two-times smaller than the Round Bolga baskets. Except for their size, they are practical and functional just as the big baskets. The mini bolga baskets are suitable for storing items like vegetables, eggs and any small item around the house. They also function as planters for indoor plants. Their beautiful colours and patterns make them a perfect fit in any space.

We have our mini bolga baskets in two styles. One with leather handles and another without it. Those without leather handles are ideal for vegans or anyone looking for vegan baskets.

All our baskets are handwoven by local artisans in Ghana. They use a grass known as elephant or the vete vera grass for the weaving. The baskets are well made and are very sturdy. They are hardwearing and last over a long period of time. Grab a basket from us to add to your collection.

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