Our Krobo bead bracelets are assembled using recycled glass beads. They are commonly known as Krobo or Cedi beads and are made in Ghana. Each one is unique and beautiful. We love the beads for their uniqueness and believe that, we need to showcase them for everyone to see their beauty.

The Krobo bead bracelets make an affordable gift for a friend or relative. In addition, the beads are environmentally friendly and therefore do no harm to the planet.

In Ghana, beads are an important commodity among the various tribes. It is mainly the Akan and Krobo tribes that manufacture these beads, hence their name.

More often, women wear them as waist beads, anklets, bracelets and arm bands. It is also common to see Queen mothers accessorised with these pieces. Moreover, new born babies also wear them on their joints. For example on their knees, elbows, wrists and ankles. They believe it facilitates growth and helps make them stronger.

Please note, at African Creations, we give you

  • 100% original, genuine Krobo beads from Ghana
  • Rare, handmade bracelets at affordable prices
  • Free postage within the UK

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