African Masks

Traditional African masks are of high significance in most African rituals and ceremonies.

They play a vital role in rituals or ceremonies for many purposes. Wooden masks come in many shapes and forms. Some symbolise totem animals, creatures important to a certain family or group. In some cultures, masks represent specific figures in tribal mythology, like a king or a rival to the ruler. The wearer of the mask is often believed to be able to communicate to the being symbolised by it. They serve as medium for man to connect to the supernatural.

Today tribal masks have become  common home decor pieces for decorating spaces. Thanks to their interesting features and sophistication.

Our hand-carved wooden masks are made in Ghana by local wood carvers. Every detail tells a story. Some masks are fused with beads or bronze metals to achieve the intended finish. African masks make beautiful wall hangings. They could be used in the living room, bedroom and even in offices.


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