Bolga Hats

Bolga hats also known as Frafra hats or Gurunsi hats are made in ghana. They are made using the elephant grass. The same material used for making our bolga baskets. They are known for their lightweight feel, unique designs and hardwearing features. The materials used are organic and decomposable. So after they are no longer of use, they go back to the soil.

Bolga hats are perfect on a sunny day at the beach. They are designed to protect your head, face and shoulders from the sun whilst making you look cool and fashionable.  Bolga summer hats are often adorned with colourful trimmings. They are popular both in Ghana and internationally, as fasion accessories or decorative items. They could be used as a wall hanging in any space as well. Our hats come with a leather fastener for a snug fit.

Due to been handmade items, sizes may vary slightly.

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