Bolga Fans

Our classy Bolga fans are available in a variety of interesting designs and patterns. These intricately handwoven fans make a unique wall decoration or wall hanging. A cool way to add character and charm to your space. The use of our Bolga fans  don’t stop there. During the summer, they would make a beautiful addition to your outfit whilst keeping you cool. We call our Bolga fans ‘Ɔdeyheɛ’ simply means royalty  in the Akan or Twi dialect from Ghana. We call it royalty because in the various cultures in Ghana, their kings and queens always have a hand fan during festivals or ceremonies. The fan symbolise royalty, hence the name. Get one today and join the ancient tradition.

Bolga hand fans are products from elephant grass. This grass is fully decomposable making them environmentally friendly. It is native to the African grasslands and is very common in the southern parts of Ghana. It has a low water and nutrient requirement making it easy to cultivate for weaving our products. In other parts of West Africa, they use the grass for other purposes.

Dimensions for our standard fans are approximately L 43cm x W 28cm.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of these Bolga fans, there may be some variation in the size. All our woven products are sourced ethically from our partner weavers in Bolga, Ghana.

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