Bolga Shopping Baskets

Bolga shopping baskets are popular and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags. These handwoven baskets are made from a natural material called Veta Vera grass (also known as the Elephant grass). Known for their durability, bolga baskets are hardwearing and sturdy.

The weaving process is lengthy and labour intensive. From start to finish, a basket can take up to a week, depending on the style and design. Bolga baskets are often made alongside a weavers day-to-day farming activities. Woven intricately over a couple of days, your basket may have been with the weaver on their daily errands to many places, as they combine weaving with their other endeavours. Read more on how to care for your bolga shopping basket.

Bolga shopping baskets are perfect for carrying groceries, beach essentials, or as a stylish accessory. You can also use them as a laundry basket, toy basket or vegetables basket. Their potential usage is endless.

As standard, our Bolga basket bags come with a set of leather handles. However, we also offer bolga shopping baskets without leather, providing a vegan option for those who desire it.

Are you looking for a smaller or alternative basket bag? We also have Bolga Handbags and Flexi Bags.

We ethically source all our baskets from partner artisan weavers in Bolgatanga, Ghana. Income from weaving creates a sustainable income. It provides employment to women who otherwise would have been seen as burden and dependent. Find out more about our weavers here.

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