Bolga Bike Basket – Nuado


This delightful Bolga bike basket exudes both practical charm and ethical craftsmanship. Handwoven in Ghana from locally sourced, sun-dried elephant grass, each basket boasts durability and a unique aesthetic.

The basket features a natural straw colour as its base, enriched with horizontal stripes in a combination of deep navy blue and burgundy. These hues are patterned in a way that adds visual interest and depth to the basket’s overall design.

The colors chosen are earthy and rich, suggesting a classic look that can complement a variety of personal styles and bike colors. The leather straps used for attachment are a dark brown, which nicely accentuates the natural and dyed straw colours.

Sized perfectly to carry your daily essentials, this basket is not only a bike accessory but also a testament to the artistry and tradition of Ghanaian artisans.

As a fair trade product, it supports sustainable practices and provides economic empowerment to its creators. Ideal for eco-conscious consumers and advocates of artisanal goods, this basket promises to be a conversation starter and a treasured possession for years to come.

Dimensions are:

Length at the top: 34cm


Width: 22cm

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