Bolga Pot Planter


This Bolga pot planter exudes a rich, earthy elegance with its robust, round-bodied design, perfect for housing a variety of plant life.

Our partner artisans have masterfully woven this piece using a symphony of colours, including deep blues, vibrant oranges, and lush greens, which dance around the planter in bold horizontal stripes.

These striking colours are interspersed with natural straw-toned segments, giving the planter a grounded, organic appearance.

The opening of the planter is framed by a thick, darkly woven rim that provides both contrast and a finished edge, ensuring the piece looks complete from every angle.

 The planter is a functional piece of art that can effortlessly become the focal point of any room or outdoor space. Its generous size accommodates a diverse range of greenery, from succulents to ferns, making it not only a statement of style but also a testament to the versatility and durability of traditional Bolga craftsmanship.

Dimensions are

Diameter at the top: 25cm

Diameter at the base: 33cm

Height: 32cm

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