How To Reshape And Care For Your Bolga Basket

First of all, bolga baskets are very well made and can last for over ten years.

To ensure this, here are some tips on how to reshape and care for your bolga basket.

Tips To Care For Your Basket.

Always Store your bolga basket in a dry airy place to avoid mould.

Any loose pieces of straw can be trimmed with scissors.

Avoid exposing your basket to long periods of direct sunlight, as colours may fade.

Clean leather handles with a leather cleaner from time to time to avoid  them developing mould.

How To Reshape Your Bolga Basket

It is very likely that your basket will be nicely shaped when it arrives. However, if your bolga basket arrives misshapen, do not worry. This is not at all a problem, as you can easily be sort it out.

These are the steps that you need to take to perfectly reshape your basket.

  1. Take your basket either outside or put it in the shower or bath and either use the showerhead, or pour a jug of water over the whole basket, soaking the elephant grass. Alternatively, you could use a hosepipe or watering can outside.
  2. Now leave it to soak in for around 10 minutes.
  3. It will now be much softer and malleable. You now need to reshape the basket using your palm on the inside to push it into shape and keep a hand on the outside. The basket will very quickly come back to its normal shape and you can actually change the shape slightly if you would like to.
  4. Now just leave it to dry. If you can hang it up, the bottom will dry out more quickly, but it doesn’t take more than a few hours to dry anyway.

Watch how to reshape your basket

Now enjoy your beautifully shaped basket!

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