African Baskets

Quality Features

Bolga African baskets are popular and known for their:

  • Durability
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Quality of weave
  • Neat finishing
  • Lightweight
  • Bold-Bright colours and designs


Our collection of African woven baskets ensure there is a basket for everyone, no matter your style, budget or usage. For storage solutions, we have the Bolga Pot Baskets. The round basket is a close alternative to the Market or pot baskets. They come in different designs and are equally spacious for your storage usage. On the other hand, if you are after a smaller storage basket, then the Bolga Hamper also known as the mini basket is perfect.

Moreover, we have lots to choose from for our basket bag lovers. Our collection of African basket bags includes the Bolga shopping baskets and the U shopper baskets. The Flexi bags and Bolga handbags are a perfect alternative as well. Those looking for something in-between a storage basket and basket bag should have a look at the rectangular woven baskets or the bolga tote baskets. They have enough room for storage and also functions as a tote bag. All these basket bags are stylish and intricately woven to suit every occasion or location. Because of this, you can take them to the beach, for grocery shopping, family picnics or even use it as a laundry basket. Indeed, their potential is endless.

In addition to our African baskets collection, we have planters for your indoor plants. They come in different shapes and colours, so plenty to choose from. We have them in large and small sizes.

Weaving Process

The weaving process is lengthy and labour intensive because it involves a lot of steps and preparation. Bolga woven baskets are often made alongside a weavers day-to-day farming activities. Woven intricately over a couple of days, your bolga basket may have been with the weaver on their daily errands to many places, because they combine weaving with their other endeavours. Read more on how to care for your bolga shopping basket.

Fair Trade

It is important to mention that, all our African baskets are fairly traded and ethically sourced from partner artisan weavers in Bolgatanga, Ghana. Income from weaving creates a sustainable income, so it is important for us to pay fair prices to our weavers. Buy our baskets for their excellent quality, durability and unique craftsmanship not because you feel sorry the weaver and where they come from. Find out more about our weavers here.  Every African basket is handwoven and comes with the weaver’s touch. No two baskets are exactly the same.

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